What your iPhone can do to make you more productive

Ahhh… the lazy days of summer.

Who are we kidding!! Summer can be the busiest with vacations, beach days, backyard BBQ’s, weddings, concerts, fairs, just trying to keep kids entertained, and the list goes on for days. Of course, you’ve also got to fit work in there somehow to pay for it all, right?

Let’s get some help from our iPhone or iPad and take back those precious minutes in our day. Knowing a few productivity features, tips and tricks here and there can really add up to more time, more fun, and a lot less stress in your day to boot.

I’m going to highlight a few of my favorites on my blog over the next few weeks, so check back often. Some of these you have never heard of! I also plan to put together a free mini course, highlighting all the best productivity features, so you can learn how to become more productive using your device. Think of it as your personal assistant!

Who doesn’t want one of those!

Today’s productivity lesson is one of those that you never knew existed. Prepare for your mind to be blown.

Have your screen read for you.

Yes, most anything on your screen can be read for you with a simple swipe. What that means is you can have your texts and emails read, your Lock Screen notifications can be read without having to unlock your phone, and you can even have your kindle or iBook read to you. Your welcome!

Think about it… whenever you need your hands free, or maybe you can’t see the screen because of glare, or you just can’t look at it right at that moment, have your screen read to you, all done with a simple swipe. Hellllooooo!!!

To set this up, go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Speech. Toggle the Speak Screen button on.

Shows the Speak Screen Button

Then tap Voices and choose the voice you would like to use when your iPhone reads the screen to you. The Australian voice is awesome!

Now, to activate the Screen Reader, just swipe down from the very top of your screen with 2 fingers and you will see an Audio Player pop up with controls.


You will hear the content read immediately and the controls will hide to the left of the screen displaying an arrow button. You can show or hide the Audio Player at any time by tapping the arrow button.

You can pause the Audio Player at any time and have it pick right back up where it left off by tapping the play arrow. Even if you change screens. It remembers what it was reading, so you can go about your business!

Speed the reading up or slow it down by tapping the Rabbit or the Turtle icon. You can also jump around from one section/email/text to the next by tapping the forward or backward arrows.

Tapping the X quits the Audio Player and you will no longer hear the content.

Isn’t this awesome? Time to get stuff done!

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